Overcome the Darkside of Negotiations With The ”Yes, If” Mindset

Conflict, chaos, and crisis forms the Darkside of Negotiations. Salespeople who are fearful and anxious negotiators quickly lose revenue and profit.

Overcome the Darkside of negotiations with The “Yes, If” Mindset.

Learn how to Trade Value for Value using the words “Yes, If.”

By building trust, preparing to negotiate, and executing with agility you’ll create Triple Win Outcomes – winning outcomes for you, your company, AND your customers.

Confident, skilled, and successful negotiators generate more revenue, profit, and success.

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  • Overcome the Fear of Negotiations
  • Trade Value for Value
  • Use “Yes, If” Immediately

Manage Tough Customers

  • Approach tough negotiation customers with confidence
  • Tough Questions, Price Anchors, Constraints, and Disparagement Customer Best Practices using “Yes, If”

Navigate Power Dynamics

  • Influence is critical in negotiations
  • Extend “Yes, If” to help navigate and go on offense with Power Dynamics
  • Alternative, Information, Expert, and Situation Power


Master Informal Negotiations

  • Recognize, React, and Respond to Informal customer negotiations
  • Use “Yes, If” Best Practices to set proper client expectations

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