The Sales Warrior Within - Podcast

The Sales Warrior Within podcast celebrates the nobility of sales and the sales warrior within each of us. Andy Olen shares sales and business innovation, insights, and interviews aimed to help salespeople, leaders, entrepreneurs, and citizens become stronger and more confident. Discover, develop, and celebrate The Sales Warrior Within you!

A Tough or Good Moment? You Get to Decide

A Tough or Good Moment? You Get to Decide -Andy reflects on a short conversation he had at the bar the other day. “Have things gotten just a bit worse since COVID started?” Reflections on customer service and how Sales Warriors have the power to choose how to engage customers.

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The Nobility in Sales

The Nobility in Sales – Recognize the nobility in sales and that we all have a Sales Warrior Within. Overcome the negative sales stereotypes and empower yourself to move your happiness forward in professional and personal endeavors.

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Closing The Sale With Confidence

Closing The Sale With Confidence – Learn the Critical Skill of Closing the Sale. The good news is you can close with confidence and authenticity. Learn how to close using your genuine voice.

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