The Nobility in Sales

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The Sales Warrior Within | Season 2 Episode 17 – The Nobility in Sales

Andy Olen is a Sales & Leadership Trainer and High-Performance Coach. Andy works with talented salespeople, business teams, and leaders who seek empowerment, improvement, and insight. Andy’s clients strive to be the best in class.

“Good Selling, Good Leading, Good Living.” – Andy Olen

The Nobility in Sales – Recognize the nobility in sales and that we all have a Sales Warrior Within. Overcome the negative sales stereotypes and empower yourself to move your happiness forward in professional and personal endeavors.

  • There is nobility in selling
  • Andy encourages listeners to examine the attributes of a great personal relationship and take the same approach in their professional life – build relationships with connection, communication, and cooperation
  • Negative sales stereotypes come from inexperienced salespeople guiding customers through big and material purchases in life – consider home buying and a car purchase
  • It’s up to us to recognize the Sales Warrior Within and work to promote our industry and approach
  • Further, it’s important, even if you are not a salesperson, to recognize that great life skills are great sales skills and visa-versa
  • Bring out the Sales Warrior Within and continue to promote the nobility of our sales profession – great salespeople create great outcomes for others, and that’s noble

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The Nobility in Sales
Speaker: Andy Olen

| 00:02 | There’s a Sales Warrior Within each of us. My name is Andy Olen and I’m here to help you discover and empower the Sales Warrior Within. Sales Warriors – This is Andy Olen and thanks so much for joining. It is Monday of race week here back in the United States. The Formula One Grand Prix is coming to Miami, Florida this Saturday.
| 00:29 | Sunday. So qualifying Saturday. The race is Sunday. I can’t wait. I wanted to go, but we started looking at tickets and a place to stay in Miami in the Fort Lauderdale area, where it’s going to take place. We started looking about three, four, five months ago, maybe even six months ago. And there was no hotel room available anywhere in Miami, nowhere in Fort Lauderdale. He had to go all the way up to like West Palm for a hotel room. AirBnbs were sold out. VRBOs were sold out. I never know if it’s Verbo or VRBO. Nevertheless, sold out.
| 00:59 | And I heard today people were paying $2,000 for standing room-only tickets. $2,000. That might be about ten times the face value of grandstand or standing room-only general admission ticket. That is insane. But there’s going to be a who’s who of celebrities there. It’s going to be an awesome race. I know all the drivers are excited. It’s great to see Formula One doing so well in the United States. We’re going to have more races, but unfortunately, the cost of going to these things will be significant.
| 01:28 | If any of you are going to the Canadian Grand Prix, I’ll be there. I’m looking forward to seeing you there. That will be a lot of fun. Montreal is a great place to be in June for the race. And yeah, my wife and I are going full on to this one. We’re going hammer time on this one, Lewis Hamilton style. Here we’re going with paddock passes and four days of it. We’re going for the full experience. We’re excited about that. Sales warriors.
| 01:54 | I am so excited that the yes If Mindset Cooperative Negotiation Online course is now available at  This 75 to 90 minutes course is fun, it’s engaging, and here’s the cool part. You’re going to be able to become a more confident and effective negotiator in just minutes. Most online courses or most negotiation classes cost thousands of dollars. This one is only $75.
| 02:22 | And if you use the discount code Warrior, W-A-R-R-I-O-R you can save 10% on your purchase. So go check out the yes If Mindset Online course now at  You know what else I’m excited about? I’m excited about sales, as always, the Sales Warrior within podcast. And today what I wanted to talk about was to double click or go into a little bit more on the nobility of sales.
| 02:51 | Why I’m such a passionate and proud salesperson. And my mission to excite you, to energize you, to show you the way so you can think about yourself no matter what you do in life if you’re a professional, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re a real estate agent, if you stay at home with the kids. I want you to think about being a salesperson because all of us naturally are salespeople.
| 03:18 | And once we recognize that, and once we embrace it, we can empower ourselves with sales skills and being able to move if it’s a personal agenda, professional agenda, or if it’s just our life moving forward in the right direction, we can use sales skills to help us do that effectively. So I want you to be able to see yourself in that same positive light that I do, and so we can shake these negative stereotypes that are out there and surround us all the time.
| 03:49 | Inevitably, I ask every group that I train on sales skills for a show of hands early in the conversation, and I ask the teams, no matter what their profession is. It could be a group of professional hockey players that I’ve asked before. It could be a group of estheticians that I’ve trained many of them who run their own spas and are entrepreneurs themselves. Or it could be salespeople. How many of you see yourself as a proud salesperson? And I asked for a show of hands?
| 04:19 | Maybe 5% of the room, maybe one out of 20, maybe five out of 100 raise their hand. Not many raise their hand. Why? Because there’s such a negative stigma around being a salesperson. And that’s really I’m passionate about changing that. I want us salespeople first and foremost, to be really proud about what we do and how we do it. The nobility in sales.
| 04:45 | Second, I want to encourage other people who are not in sales to also see the goodness in sales skills, adopt those skills, and use them to advance their happiness in so many ways. And again, that could be a professional happiness. It could be a personal happiness. It could be a combination of all of those things. That’s really what I want for salespeople. Let’s talk about the sales stereotypes a little bit, and I’ve talked about this on other episodes. I want to double click into it a little bit and deep dive it.
| 05:13 | The negative sales stereotypes are all around us. The horse trader. The snake oil salesperson. The snake oil salesperson, by the way, has come back in a vengeance with the pandemic where a bunch of balms lotions, salves, ideas and other nontested clinical or pharmaceutical or off the shelf remedies were promoted in social and digital media. Podcasting itself created a really big environment for a lot of this medical misinformation to take place.
| 05:46 | And I would argue that people who are peddling that stuff, especially for personal gain, would be considered a modern day snake oil salesperson. That stigma is not good for the rest of us salespeople. Those true snake oil salespeople out there are not helping the nobility of our profession. They’re not helping people see salespeople in a positive light. The other reason I’ve done a little bit of research on this is where in more let’s call it modern times or recently, recent history, the last 10, 20, 30 years.
| 06:20 | Why also, do salespeople, beyond the stereotypes, have a negative connotation? Why is it tricky for people to trust and get comfortable with salespeople? And there’s some opinions out there, and I happen to agree with these. If you think about in your personal life, maybe a couple of the most material and some of the biggest transactions that you do with a salesperson arguably are buying a home with a real estate agent and buying a car with a car salesperson.
| 06:48 | These are tens, if not hundreds of thousands or even million dollar transactions that you’re doing. And you’re putting a lot of trust, a lot of faith and a lot of money behind these acquisitions. And you’re dealing with someone who’s selling you something that if it doesn’t go well or if you have a bad experience, you take a big material purchase like a car or a home. You say if it didn’t go well, that sucked. And the salesperson that was selling it to me really didn’t do a good job.
| 07:20 | I’ll say it less delicately that salesperson screwed me over. And it’s because this combination of some of the biggest, most material transactions we do in our personal life, home and car, are often with less or inexperienced salespeople. That combination of big ticket price and low tenured sales people in real estate and in car sales, that’s a bad combination.
| 07:49 | That is an environment fraught with risk for salespeople. That’s an environment set another way where if it doesn’t go well, people hear about it. Let me tell you about the bad, the lemon I bought from this car salesperson over here. Let me tell you about this house transaction that went sideways, and the salesperson really screwed me on this. They sold me a bill of goods. It’s a lot of money. And when it goes bad, you blame the salesperson for that. Now, when you think about the tenure of real estate people and car salespeople, certainly those who have a long tenure, who’ve been doing it a long time, they’re great.
| 08:22 | They know what they’ve been doing. They’re in that business for a long time because they’re Uber successful. So you have a group and a big, big group of really professional, really skilled sales people who do a great job and support our cause around the nobility of sales. However, it’s very easy to start your sales career, for example, in real estate or in car sales. And a lot of people jump into those professions. They stay in there for a short amount of time. They don’t have a lot of skills at this point. They may be junior in their career, and then they move on to something different.
| 08:54 | They even move outside of that industry. These roles are starter salespeople roles. Well, that leaves a lot of people buying homes and buying cars, with experiences with very low skilled and junior salespeople. And there we have our problem, big time, high dollar transactions. And you’re working with someone who on average, probably doesn’t have a lot of tenure, a lot of skill and a lot of appreciation on how to guide this transaction to a point where everyone walks away feeling very successful.
| 09:27 | That creates a big headwind for us in our sales industry because so many people have that negative experience with junior salespeople in real estate and in car sales around some of the most significant, most material items they purchase. We as a community have to overcome some of these headwinds, and we can do that. We can do that. And the first thing that I share with teams and with individuals on how to reframe this conversation is to think about the relationships that you have in your personal life and in your personal life.
| 10:00 | Examine the best relationships that you have. It could be as a parent, a family member, a friend, significant other, whatever that relationship is, a colleague at work. And think about what makes that relationship great. And if you really boil it down to the couple of things that make it great and outstanding, great communication, wonderful connection, a lot of similarities and a tremendous amount of cooperation between the two individuals who are in this relationship to solve problems together, those are the three core fundamental, best practices, assets, attributes of a great relationship.
| 10:36 | All you have to do in sales and all you have to do to think about being a good salesperson then is to take what’s working well in your personal life to groom, maintain, promote, to grow that great personal relationship, and then transition those same activities into your sales career. So with a customer, if I can connect, if I can do a great job communicating, and if I can cooperate with my customer, I will likely over time build a great relationship with him or her, just like I have in my personal life, with some of the best relationships with the folks in my personal life.
| 11:08 | So take the things you’re doing well in your personal life and simply move them over into your sales career or into your professional endeavors. And you’re already probably about 80% of the way there on really great sales skills. Congratulations. Welcome to the community. That’s how easy it is. You don’t have to boil the ocean to become a salesperson. It’s easy. And in fact, in a lot of ways, we are using these skills day to day in our personal lives.
| 11:36 | Connection, communication, cooperation, just bring them over to your professional life and lead with them, sell with them, connect with others, and move common agendas forward and together. So the second thing that I would say is that no matter what business you’re in, what subject matter expertise you have, if you’re an engineer, if you’re an accountant, if you’re a doctor, if you’re a business leader, salesperson. We’re all using these same skills.
| 12:06 | I can’t think of many professions out there that are truly one person working alone for all of time and not interacting with anybody else. I think about the guy from Office Space, that movie where he had the red stapler, and they kept, like, moving his Cube, and ultimately they put him in the basement in the corner. Well, that’s a rare Hollywood example of moving someone to be isolated and alone. And it was funny because that’s not how it works. And instead of being alone and independent out there in any professional venture, we’re connected with other people.
| 12:38 | We have to rely on communicating with other people. We have to solve problems together and cooperate. And sometimes you may have a good idea as an engineer, as a teacher, as a firefighter on how to solve a problem, and you want others to share. You want to share that idea with others so they can follow your best practice, or they can follow your approach because it works. What do you need in those moments to convince other people to move your way? Connection, communication, cooperation. You need to build a relationship. They need to trust you.
| 13:08 | They need to see that you’re credible, and you need to communicate effectively how to implement the goodness that you’ve created in whatever endeavor it is that you’re involved with. Well, again, welcome to selling. That’s exactly what selling is. So as we start to broaden the definition and we think about then the value we as salespeople, business leaders, teachers, economists, whatever it may be, the value that we bring to our community, the value we bring to other people who are engaging with us, then we’re creating value for others.
| 13:40 | And that is where the nobility lives in sales, that we’re doing something good that benefits other people. And when those individuals win, we win by being along the ride with them. That’s what selling is. And that’s why I see this great nobility in sales. And that’s why I’m such a proud salesperson. It’s not that I’m trying to create personal gains out of selling, but as an entrepreneur, as a small business owner, and as the primary salesperson of my products, I believe in them. I want them to help other people.
| 14:09 | I want to create goodness for others. And when someone like today, when I was doing a training comes back and said, that exceeded expectations, Andy, that was great. This has not only helped us become better negotiators, it also improves our culture because we’re doing something fun and engaging as a team and everyone contributed. Hey, I felt pretty darn good about that. And that goodness is a Noble effort. And I’m glad as a salesperson and as an entrepreneur, I’m able to deliver that goodness to others.
| 14:40 | And that’s why I believe team in the nobility of sales. And as a sales warrior yourself out there, I want you to believe in the nobility of sales as well. Build your skills, develop your skills, share your skills borrow skills from your personal life that translate incredibly well to your professional life as well. Connect, communicate, cooperate and continue to spread the good word of sales to other people. Let’s be evangelists for our Noble profession we’ll overcome these negative sales stereotypes one day at a time. Maybe even 1 minute at a time.
| 15:10 | We’ll line them up, we’ll knock them down and we’ll be all better for it. Team great talking with you on a Monday enjoy race week if you’re watching Formula 1 and enjoy the race this weekend and also by the way, enjoy NBA playoffs. It is play off season and my world champion Milwaukee Bucks are defending their title so far looking good. They got eleven more games to win and they’re the Champions back to back. It’s going to be a hard grind but if anyone can do it, this team can team have a great week. Look forward to connecting with you as always.
| 15:39 | My name is Andy Olen good selling, good leading and good living.