2023: Let’s Get After It Sales Warriors

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The Sales Warrior Within | Season 2 Episode 37 – 2023: Let’s Get After It Sales Warriors

Andy Olen is a Sales & Leadership Trainer and High-Performance Coach. Andy works with talented salespeople, business teams, and leaders who seek empowerment, improvement, and insight. Andy’s clients strive to be the best in class.

“Good Selling, Good Leading, Good Living.” – Andy Olen

2023: Let’s Get After It Sales Warriors

  • Andy shares his enthusiasm and excitement for 2023
  • Although it’s a tough selling environment, Sales Warriors have many reasons to be optimistic
  • Andy illustrates his “Friday Afternoon Mentality” that’s required in both boom and bust times
  • He shares his goals with the audience, which focus on building mental toughness in 2023
  • Set goals for 2023
  • Work on your skills
  • Run toward the challenges AND opportunities out there and exploit the goodness of the Sales Warrior Within you!

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Speaker: Andy Olen

Speaker: Andy Olen

| 00:02 | There’s a Sales Warrior Within each of us. My name is Andy Olen, and I’m here to help you discover and empower the sales warrior within. Hello and welcome to another episode of the Sales Warrior Within podcast. My name is Andy Olen, and it is 2023. Welcome to a new year, sales warriors, glad you’re here, glad. You’re committed to our craft of selling.
| 00:31 | You know, I started this podcast now a couple of years ago, and so number one, thank you for all of your support, your tuning in and dialing into the podcast. Your inputs, comments, and questions as well. Your thoughts and ideas really do shape the episodes here. Also, thank you to the guests that I’ve had on the podcast and I hope to make 2023 another year rich and full of guests. Stay tuned. We have a guest coming up on our next episode, actually. And I think you’ll enjoy my conversation with him.
| 01:01 | So stay tuned for a fun conversation with Harry spat, a sales guru coming up here very, very soon. Team, it is 2023. And as I look at 2022 and turning the calendar and moving into a new year, you know, I’m just always optimistic. And that’s what I wanted to talk today about. It’s about that optimism that comes with a new year about marching into a new year with new goals, new opportunities.
| 01:29 | New customers out there for you and new adventures that you can take on and self improvement, building your sales skills, getting after it in 2023. So maybe you can hear it in my voice. I love turning the page and the calendar to a new year. It’s 12 months of new selling, 12 months of new goals, and 12 months of extending partnerships with customers bringing new partnerships on board as well. So I look forward to it.
| 01:56 | Now I’m not sitting here looking at the world and saying this is the easiest environment to sell in right now. I think on a recent episode of the sales warrior within, I talked about some of the challenges that are out there with inflation and interest rates and a U.S. Federal Reserve are really central banks all around the globe raising interest rates. And we know that as interest rates go up, then companies have less to spend on buying new products, acquiring new services, and that can be a challenging environment for salespeople.
| 02:29 | It’s really important in this type of economically challenging environment, high inflation, high interest rates, maybe and potentially slowing economy as well and potentially the R word recession that you really frame your value proposition in terms of how your solution, your products, your services, your technology, can actually create economic value for your customers.
| 02:56 | And I think if it’s a solution that adds more to the top line to revenue, talk about it. If it’s a solution that improves efficiencies and lowers costs, talk about that. If it’s a solution that improves both the top and the middle of the income statement and produces greater profitability for your customers, then make sure that you position your products accordingly. So it really will take the skilled sales approach to transform your product attributes and benefits at your product creates into economic value as well.
| 03:29 | So I’ll talk more about that as we march on through the year on how to do that, how to think about it. But remember, you’re selling to business owners, you’re selling to business leaders, you’re selling to people that run budgets that have incentives who you want to see get paid their bonus, as well as you want to get paid your sales commissions as well too. And if you can transform how your products and services can impact their top line, their bottom line or anything in between on the income statement, then I believe even in tough economic times, you are going to be very well positioned to create value for your customers.
| 04:05 | And if they see that you’re creating value, they’re going to buy from you. They’re going to say yes, they’ve been inspired by you. Don’t forget the blocking and tackling that we always talk about the fundamentals of selling. That comes in the form of the three C’s that I talk a lot about the trilogy of yes connection communication and cooperation, really the three essential sales skills for all salespeople. And then if you’re going to get into that negotiation, yes, if yes, I can give you a small price discount if you’re willing to buy today.
| 04:37 | You’re trading value for value negotiating back and forth. So go back to your fundamentals, go back to the skills of the trilogy of yes connection communication cooperation. And you should be in great position to inspire all of your customers to say yes to you this year. You know, one of the other things that I’d like to just address in terms of the mindset that you have to have.
| 05:02 | And I would say this is a mindset I would encourage you to adopt in both tough times, like we may be in right now, and even in boom times are the really good times that you face where everything is just breaking your way. And I think about it this way. So follow me through this illustration. And I think this will make sense to you. You know, when things are going really well, you’re already trending at or above your sales target, your goal. You’ve had a busy week. It’s Friday, it’s about 3 o’clock.
| 05:32 | Let’s say it’s in the middle of summertime, and it’s a beautiful day, and maybe the golf course is calling or that cocktail is calling your name a little bit earlier. You’re thinking about that as you’re driving home from that customer appointment at two or 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And as you’re driving home, you have a choice to make. And that choice is do I go and grab that early first drink or do I hit the golf course before the sun goes down on that summer evening on that Friday afternoon early evening? Or do I make one more sales call?
| 06:04 | And I think the easy approach here is to say, you know, everything’s going well. I don’t need that extra sale right now. I don’t need to worry myself about hitting my number. So I’m going to see that exit on the highway where my customer is. And I have that choice that I have to make to go visit him or her. You know what? I’m just going to stay on the highway, go home, get my golf clubs ready and go out to the course.
| 06:30 | When things are good, there’s a tendency to take the foot off the accelerator, or in this case, don’t take the exit to go see that last customer on that late Friday afternoon visit. When things are challenging and a challenging environment where maybe you’re behind your number a little bit, there’s a pressure to get things done. Customers are slowing down their decision making. And you look at your funnel, your sales funnel, and you say, you know what? I need to add more to this.
| 06:58 | I need another customer. I need another opportunity. I need one more. Well, then on Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock on that beautiful summer day, you’re going to get off the highway at that exit and go and see that last customer. You’re going to take that last meeting because you need it. Because you’re not where you want to be. You’re anxious. You feel that sort of tension that Sunday Night as you look forward to Monday morning feels a little bit more awkward because Monday is going to be a grind, especially if you have to explain why you’re behind your number to your sales manager.
| 07:31 | So on that Friday, you’re taking that off ramp. You’re going to see that customer. You’re making that last customer call because you feel the need to do that. Compare and contrast those two situations when things are good? Ah, you know, I’ll take my foot off the accelerator, maybe not get off on the exit, maybe not go and take that last call on a Friday afternoon in the summer. When things are tight, you take that extra effort.
| 07:58 | Now, just think if you took the time to make that last call, that last Friday, late Friday afternoon call, when you’re doing well. Just think what that does for you. You know what? I’m still going to make that call. I’m going to get after it. I’m going to fly through this week’s finish line all the way through. I’ll pick my clubs up early, Saturday morning, get out to the links a little bit early then and make up for not making it here. But I’m going to go make that call. I know I’m a 115% to my number, but I’m making that one extra call.
| 08:30 | That one 15 then becomes a 120%. More importantly, it becomes a mindset that no matter thick or thin, good or bad, good economy bad economy, doing well, not doing well, I am always accelerating through my opportunities. I’m always aggressively going into that customer opportunity, no matter if I’m doing well or not doing well, that’s a mindset I want you to take.
| 08:55 | Sales warriors, it’s really important that you take that go button and no matter when it is, where it is, make that extra effort. And maybe here’s a motivator for you. When everything is going well, and you may have a little bit of that doubt and I’m not going to take that exit on the highway and go see that last customer. Opportunity on a Friday afternoon. Maybe your competitor will. If you’re doing well, by definition, someone who’s competing against you is not doing well. So guess what she’s doing? She’s going to go in and make that extra call.
| 09:27 | That’s an opportunity that’s been gained by her, possibly lost by you. So, under the threat of competitive wins or a competitive takeaways, go in there and motivate yourself to continue to run through the tape. Run through the finish line no matter how well you’re doing in the good days, continue to build that book of business and get a lot of momentum behind you to be able to do that. And when you do that well in the good days, you have a bigger install base to try to sell into in the lean times.
| 09:59 | When the economy turns, you have more customer relationships out there that you can lean on as well. So the hard work you put in during the good times also has to get you through some of the tough times as well. To me, it’s not about execution. It’s just about desire. And I want in 2023 to have that mindset that’s focused on desire, focus on always being on the forward foot, and getting in there and running through the tape, no matter how tired you are, no matter how late in the day it is, get after it, and you will be well rewarded as a salesperson.
| 10:33 | You know, what that requires is a pretty high level of what I’ll call sales mental toughness. You got to be mentally tough to always, or to lean into what one could consider the hard right decision versus the easy wrong decision. So you have to have good and strong mental toughness to be able to do that. That’s something I’m going to work on this year. I always am very open about sharing my goals with you last year, and really the last two years, it was in presentations working on body language.
| 11:04 | And I feel like I’ve made some good progress on there. That will be a continual work in progress. Also, this year, I’m going to add to that working on mental toughness. And for me, that comes in trying to be the best version of myself. So I’ve taken on what’s called the 75 hard challenge. Go check it out. It’s pretty well published out there. I just need to do the old pull up the old Google machine. And you’ll find the 75 hard challenge. 5 rules, 5 things to accomplish every day.
| 11:34 | And they are, you have to exercise twice a day, 45 minutes. Per session. And one of those 45 minute sessions has to be outdoors. So it forces you to get outside. I like that. Here in Wisconsin, I’ve been very fortunate that the early start of the year here has been very nice weather relatively speaking. No snow, no freezing cold temperature. So I’ve been able to get outside pretty easily and get that 45 minutes of exercise in outdoors without an extreme frostbite developing on my nose and cheeks.
| 12:05 | So two exercises per day, 90 minutes in total, 45 minutes of that has to be outdoors. Also, drink a gallon of water a day. Okay, so far probably thinking, that’s all that’s very doable. Okay. Next, follow a diet. I always have leaned on and come back to the bulletproof diet. I like that. It’s not south beach diet or height, high protein, low carbs, but it’s a little bit of a version of that.
| 12:34 | So follow that. I’ve always felt good doing that. So check, I’m going to do that. No alcohol. So far, so good. I like to have a drinks here or there casually socially, especially when it’s box game time. Went to the game yesterday, didn’t feel a need to have a drink. So okay there. That’s going to get tougher. And then also the last and final rule here is that you have to read ten pages of a book every day.
| 13:03 | So ten pages, two exercises, follow a diet, no alcohol, and a gallon of water day. And do it for 75 days in a row. That’s the 75 hard challenge. It doesn’t sound too difficult, but then think about your life as a salesperson, mine too. Am I going to be on the road soon? Uh oh, I’m going out to LA. I got a full day of flying. When do I get in the outdoor exercise? When do I do it when I have a return home flight at 6 a.m.? Do I get up at 3 a.m. and get it done?
| 13:31 | Well, if I don’t, then I’m really backing up everything and put a lot of pressure on myself that afternoon. So drinking alcohol having a cocktail, it’s going to be hard when I’m around my customers if they offer me a cocktail. How do I say no to that? I got to find a way to do that. Maybe I’ll tell them I’m doing the 75 hard challenge. The point of this is, is that I’m going to try to build mental toughness around some discipline, some decisions I’m making. And following these pretty simple rules consistently.
| 14:01 | And I believe that by building that mental toughness that I can continue to evolve towards the best version of me. And that’s my goal early this year. I definitely have some sales goals as well. I’ll talk about those on later episodes. But I want you to pick something that’s important to you. Here’s some areas to think about. Join me in the 75 hard challenge. Let’s have fun with it. If you want to look at selling, continue to improve your skills in tough times, those who take the advantage are the skilled and determined.
| 14:32 | So take the advantage by upskilling your sales approach, pick the areas that you need some work on. I’m certainly ready and willing to help you as well. The trilogy of yes has a lot of ideas in there. So go check that out at Amazon or on my website https://andyolen.com/ if that is helpful. These podcasts, listen to sales podcasts, this one, other ones, and get ideas from the guests or the ideas that are shared on the podcast. Continue to upskill your sales skills this year. You’ll be off to a great start as well.
| 15:03 | And then pick something personal, right? How are you going to improve in your personal life? Look, as salespeople, it really has business professionals. Our business life really overlaps with our personal life. They’re commingled. We work, especially now post COVID. We have a lot of flexibility in how and when we work. And we just sort of integrate that into our life. I know my wife and I do that. She’s a sales professional and a sales leader. And we just sort of integrate our life and work all together.
| 15:30 | So what that means is if your personal life is going well, then probably your professional life is going to go well too and vice versa. If some of your goals are personal goals, you’re going to get the benefit in your personal life, you’re going to get the benefit in your professional life. Make some goals this year and get after that. And you’ll become and will continue to become the best version of yourself. And that’s really another element and aspect of being a sales warrior is that you’re always striving to be the best version of you.
| 16:00 | I’ll take it beyond the selling profession. Certainly, we want excellence there, but we want excellence in life as well. And remember, all the good work you put into your sales skills not only helps you professionally, but sales skills are also life skills. They will help out your relationships and your interactions personally as well. That’s pretty cool. Team, it’s been great talking with you. I’m motivated. I’m inspired. I hope you are as well.
| 16:26 | Thanks for spending a couple minutes with me today and be on the lookout for more great podcasting content, myself, my own ideas that I always love sharing with you and also the many guests that are out there. I’ll also keep you updated when I’m on podcasts. I think I’m going to be featured on a bunch of podcasts in 2023, which I’m really excited about. Maybe that’s another goal too, is get out there, get the sales warrior within message as far and wide as possible. Team have a great start to 2023.
| 16:56 | I’m excited about what you’re doing. And as always, you can share that with me. Andy had Andy@AndyOlen.com. I look forward to hearing from you. And in the meantime, and as always, my name is Andy Olen. Thanks for listening to the sales warrior within podcast. Good selling. Good leading, and good-looking.