Changing Sales Jobs? Three Tips For You

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The Sales Warrior Within | Season 2 Episode 25 – Changing Sales Jobs? Three Tips For You

Andy Olen is a Sales & Leadership Trainer and High-Performance Coach. Andy works with talented salespeople, business teams, and leaders who seek empowerment, improvement, and insight. Andy’s clients strive to be the best in class.

“Good Selling, Good Leading, Good Living.” – Andy Olen

Changing Sales Jobs? Three Tips For You

  • Andy Olen provides three tips if you’re considering changing sales jobs
  • If you’re joining a new company or transferring to a new sales team in your current company these tips will be helpful
  • Tip 1: Get to know your potential new manager
  • Tip 2: Evaluate your potential territory and ensure it fits your strengths
  • Tip 3: Ensure you love the new product you’re going to sell OR the love of the business of selling a new product
  • Good luck in your job search and always confirm a new job is best for you!

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Speaker: Andy Olen

| 00:02 | There’s a Sales Warrior Within each of us. My name is Andy Olen, and I’m here to help you discover and empower the sales warrior within. Sales warriors. This is Andy Olen. Welcome to the Sales Warrior Within podcast. It is summertime and it is a great time. I love summertime. When you live in Wisconsin, you complain about the weather when it’s not nice, and you certainly complain about the weather during the winter season because it’s not nice all the time.
| 00:35 | And then when it’s summer, I look out this big tree outside of my window here in my office, and it’s in full bloom. It’s full, it’s robust, it’s alive. Boy, I like that. I like that a lot. I want to bring you a quick summertime episode today. Pretty quick, simple lesson. And this is a lesson that goes out to all the salespeople out there who are territory managers, sales reps, frontline salespeople, doing all the good work that you do out there, living the great dream and the nobility of being a proud salesperson.
| 01:07 | Sometimes, though, if you’re working for a company, you want to go somewhere else and sell something different, work for a different organization. And that happens for a whole host of reasons. One reason may be that you just want a new challenge, and that’s great for whatever reason. If you want to change jobs, go look for a new sales territory, a new sales job. I want to give you three tips, three best practices, three things to look at when you’re looking at making a change. Now, I should note that you may not have to look outside your company to move salesforce as well.
| 01:39 | There are a lot of stories of very successful transfers from one sales group within an organization to another. And for a lot of the companies I worked with, if it was Ad Labs or Siemens, there were multiple sales groups within Abbott. There are multiple sales groups within Siemens Healthcare. So some people move from one group to another. So if you’re thinking about doing that kind of move, then the best practices in this short podcast will help you facilitate that.
| 02:07 | So here are the three things to look for, the three steps to take, the three areas of due diligence. When you’re looking at taking on a new sales role, one, who is going to be your manager and how good is that relationship? One, your manager, the person you work for. So shapes what you do, how you do it, and how much you enjoy it.
| 02:34 | So really look at and evaluate during the interview process, during the get to know your process, am I going to have a good relationship with this manager? And if your belief is yes, you’re probably going to indeed have a good relationship. There are going to be some bumpy points along the way, no problem. But every relationship has some of its ups and downs. But if there’s a good foundation of trust, if there’s a good rapport, if there are common values, if you both share stories and connect with each other, then you’re off to a good start.
| 03:04 | So evaluate the person that you’re going to be working for because that person influences your experience so much in any company, in any sales organization. So really get to know during the interview process the sales manager and really contemplate and feel and think your way through whether or not you believe you’re going to have a great relationship with this manager. The second piece of advice is evaluate the territory that you’re going to go into. What is the profile of the territory?
| 03:35 | Is it a big territory that you’re going to have to drive or fly throughout half the country? What’s the expectation that your manager is going to have on coverage of that territory? How much time will you be on the road? So there’s a geographic consideration to make and then balancing that against what your expectations and what your desires are. There’s also a business potential opportunity. Is it a very high market share territory that doesn’t have a lot of new customers.
| 04:01 | So you’re going to be doing a lot more maintenance work or trying to renew contracts rather than trying to steal contracts and business opportunities away from the competitors. So look at the potential of the territory and really bounce that off of your own risk profile, if you will. Set another way. Do you want to go into a territory that has low potential and try to flip it all around? Now there’s probably a big compensation upside, maybe rewards, recognition, promotion down the way over the road from something like that.
| 04:33 | But there’s a lot of hunting that you have to do and that’s a certain profile and it’s up to you to figure out, do you want to go in there and be the hunter and take market share away in a high potential territory? Or maybe it’s a big territory that already has a lot of established business for the products and services that you may be selling there and you want to try to take that big set of customers, that big business and just keep making it better and better each year. But it’s already there and established.
| 05:03 | That’s a different profile and a different approach to how you groom and create success out of a territory that already is quite saturated with your products and services. There’s good news, bad news to either scenario and then there might be one in the middle where there’s some maintenance you have to do and servicing of existing accounts and some prospecting hunting as well. So consider the type of territory that you’re going to go into and spend some good time with due diligence in that area.
| 05:31 | Third, and finally, it’s sort of a third which has two parts to it, but humor me and that I’m going to try to stay within three. You got to either love the product you’re going to sell or you got to love the business of selling that product. And those are two different things are connected, obviously, but they have slight differences. So love of product is going to help you show your passion, your optimism, you’re going to be motivated to get I love selling this technology, I love selling this product. I want to do it again tomorrow and next week in the year after that’s.
| 06:02 | Hugely motivating. And customers are going to see your love for product. Now, it might also be love of the business of selling your product. And that’s really what I liked a lot about a lot of my sales jobs in healthcare is that I love the process of selling my products. I love getting physician customers involved, I love getting economic or procurement customers involved, getting them to align on a solution, hopefully my solution, and getting them all to say yes and then implementing.
| 06:31 | So I love sort of the business of selling the health care products that I sold and represented back many years ago now. And I love selling both the products that I sell today. My negotiation, skills training, presentation skills training, executive coaching, high performance coaching, I love selling those products and I like the process of selling and the business of selling these products as well. So that’s a really good marriage. That’s the third and final thing that I’d have to look at.
| 07:00 | So in summary, if you’re looking for a new sales role in a new group within your company or you’re looking to leave the company, three things to look out for and to really pressure test during the interview process. Check out that manager, make sure and ensure that you’re going to have a really strong and healthy relationship with that manager. Second, look at the territories, potential, look at the demographics and the profile of that territory. Does it suit you, does it suit your strengths?
| 07:28 | And then third, and finally, ensure and make sure that you have a love for the product that you’re going to sell or a love of the business of selling your new product, service, technology. Those are my three best practices for you. A short podcast on a beautiful summer day. Go out there, think about it. If you are switching jobs, if not, use these three things to validate that you’re in the best place possible today and walk away from that revalidation with a smile saying, boy, I like working for who I work for, I like the territory I’m operating in and I love selling my products.
| 08:04 | Cool. That’s a nice validation to have as well. Team, just a couple of simple tips on a simple summer afternoon, morning, evening, whenever you’re listening to this. And it might not even be summer by the time you’re listening to this, but I think it’s pertinent and it’s all season advice. How about that? Anyway, sales warriors, have a great day. Have a great quarter. I’m excited for you. I’m excited for you’re. Continued success. My name is Andy Olen. Thanks for listening to the Sales Warrior Within podcast.
| 08:35 | As always, good selling, good leading and good living.