A Tough or Good Moment? You Get to Decide

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The Sales Warrior Within | Season 2 Episode 18 – A Tough or Good Moment? You Get to Decide

Andy Olen is a Sales & Leadership Trainer and High-Performance Coach. Andy works with talented salespeople, business teams, and leaders who seek empowerment, improvement, and insight. Andy’s clients strive to be the best in class.

“Good Selling, Good Leading, Good Living.” – Andy Olen

A Tough or Good Moment? You Get to Decide

  • Andy reflects on a short conversation he had at the bar the other day
  • “Have things gotten just a bit worse since COVID started?”
  • Reflections on customer service and how Sales Warriors have the power to choose how to engage customers
  • A call to action to salespeople to engage with positive communication, a smile, and a cooperative approach
  • We, Sales Warriors, can make a positive difference at this moment

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Tough or Good Moment? You Get to Decide

Speaker: Andy Olen

| 00:02 | There’s a Sales Warrior within each of us. My name is Andy Olen and I’m here to help you discover and empower the Sales Warrior within Sales Warriors. This is Andy Olen. Welcome to the Sales Warrior Within Podcast. Always great to be with you if you have an opportunity. I’d love to hear your stories.
| 00:28 | Andy@AndyOlen.com is my email address and you can always visit https://andyolen.com/ for the latest podcasts, blog posts and other information about the things I do to help salespeople and business leaders become the absolute best they can be. On today’s episode, I wanted to reflect on a small incident and little conversation I had recently and expand that into a broader conversation around sales and specifically the importance of communication and connection as well and how it relates to customer service.
| 01:01 | Sales Warriors I am so excited that the yes If Mindset Cooperative Negotiation Online course is now https://andyolen.com/  This 75 to 90 minutes course is fun, it’s engaging, and here’s the cool part. You’re going to be able to become a more confident and effective negotiator in just minutes. Most online courses or most negotiation classes cost thousands of dollars.
| 01:29 | This one is only $75 and if you use the discount code WARRIOR, you can save 10% on your purchase. So go check out the Yes If Mindset Online course now available at https://andyolen.com/  The other day I was at a bar, a local bar here in Milwaukee, and I dropped off my wife, she’s getting her nails done and I said, I’ll just take you over there and I’ll go over to Camp bar nearby and just hang out there and work for a little bit.
| 02:02 | And so I went in and it’s about 06:00, there’s a basketball on, some hockey on, and I say you might as well grab a drink. So I’m waiting there and the bar is semi-full. Only one bartender and I’m waiting a long time for service. A big group had ordered a bunch of things. The bartender maybe saw me but didn’t say, I’ll be right over there. And there was a guy waiting behind me and he turned to me and he was becoming a little bit more impatient, I think than I was as I wasn’t in too much of a hurry.
| 02:31 | And he said to me, he said everything’s just gotten a little worse since COVID started. And what he was referring to and what we talked about was customer service. That for whatever reason it is. And we’re not going to use this podcast to unpack those reasons that customer service has just gone down a little bit. We did talk about maybe there’s the customers that feel more entitled and that they should be taken care of right away. And so maybe dealing with customers in any type of establishment or business has gotten a little bit trickier.
| 03:03 | Maybe it’s that employees in general are not as satisfied doing their work. Maybe the wages aren’t good enough, maybe dealing with difficult customers doesn’t make them terribly motivated to go that extra mile. And it could be a whole host of things. But as I think about and I sort of Zoom out and I think about all the customer service experiences I’ve had recently, it’s tough Vanguard somewhere that I do investing with the amount of time it takes to get through to someone on a call and how many times they bounce you from one person to the next because that person doesn’t know what to do and you’ve called the wrong Department and then you wait on hold.
| 03:42 | Again, that’s gotten a lot more tricky and difficult getting repairs done on things. You know, part of that might be there’s just not as many repair service folks out there fixing refrigerators, appliances, or even things on warranty that it’s just trickier and more difficult to get things done. And again, the reasons for that could be numerous supply chain, labor shortages, wages, full employment, all those type of things.
| 04:11 | And when it comes to the customer service provider and that relationship with the customer in the establishment or on the phone, I do agree things have gotten just a little bit worse or not as good or easy to do versus before the pandemic. I want to take that lesson and create a call to action with all of you. And that is let’s turn that moment around.
| 04:40 | If we’re dealing with customers who have more pressure points and need a little bit more of our patience, let’s give that to them. If we’re dealing with customers who are asking us a lot of demanding questions, let’s get through that weather the storm, listen to the questions and provide thoughtful responses. If we’re dealing with customers who are not putting a smile on their face right now, let’s put a smile on our face. Let’s turn the tide of this because I think for two reasons that would be really helpful.
| 05:09 | One, it’s just from a human connection standpoint, it’s good to respond with a smile. It’s good to be cooperative. We are built, as I’ve talked about before, to cooperate with one another. Let’s showcase the sales warriors. And as folks who engage with customers and clients all the time, let’s show them that cooperative side. It’s going to make them feel better.
| 05:33 | The second reason that it’s important is that I believe there’s a good competitive reason to do that, that if you’re the one cooperating more, given that extra support, being positive through the engagement with customers and letting them know that you care, that you empathize, that’s going to create a competitive advantage for you. Let your competitors be the ones who sour at the moment, the tough moment with the customer.
| 06:00 | While you rise to that moment, I think it’s a great opportunity for sales warriors to say, you know what, maybe things are a little bit tougher out there right now for a whole host of reasons, but they don’t need to be tough for me today, and they don’t need to be tough for my customers. So whatever baggage I have or whatever issues I’m dealing with when I’m in front of my customers today and tomorrow, I’m going to bring the most positive approach that I can.
| 06:24 | I’m going to bring a smile, a yes, I can attitude, A supportive problem solving approach, or if my customers just want to complain about something and be ticked off for a little bit, I’m going to give them that space to do it, as long as it’s constructive, and then it leads ultimately to a cooperative opportunity. So that’s my call to action.
| 06:45 | Sales warriors, today, we’ll keep this as a short podcast that if you believe that things are just a little bit different now in 2022 versus pre-pandemic 2020, and things in terms of customer service and relationships between salespeople and customers or retailers and customers or bartenders and customers or customer service reps on the phone and the customers calling in those moments Are just a little bit more difficult today.
| 07:14 | We can change that. We can offer a smile, a helping hand, and a positive approach to that dynamic to that situation. So we can be assured that when that customer says goodbye to us or exits that transaction or that moment with us, they feel pretty good about it. They don’t need to feel great about it, but they feel good about it.
| 07:35 | Unlike my experience, waiting for a long time in line just to get a simple drink, actually having someone skip in front of us, having to be told to go back to the end of the line, and just that getting through that negative experience that I had in a very simple transaction and that very insightful conversation with that individual that I had.
| 07:54 | So whoever you were that I was talking to, thank you for asking that question or bring up that point that things just aren’t the same as they were before, because that motivated me to share these insights with you that we can change that dynamic, and it’s up to us as sales warriors to absolutely try to change that dynamic through communication, connection, cooperation, the skills of the trilogy of yes, and also just by bringing our most authentic, genuine, and best self forward, and if we do that, you’re going to be able to create a wonderful benefit for your customers.
| 08:27 | They’re going to feel good about that interaction with you, and I also believe that that creates a competitive advantage for you as well. So Sales Warriors do your best out there today and every day I’m right there with you, and I bow and promise and commit to you that I’ll do my best as well. We’ll talk to you soon. Have a great week. Sales Warriors, my name is Andy Olen, and as always, good selling, good leading, and good luck living.